Sunday, July 21, 2019

How stiff is the clipping path competition?

The popularity of Adobe's Photoshop software opened up a market niche for entrepreneurs aspiring to hit it big in outsourcing. There are quite a number of companies operating within the graphic outsourcing industry, especially those offering clipping path services. Clipping path, in my opinion, is the best graphic related service to outsource since (a) it's a routine job, (b) its precise and there is no room for creativity, and, (c) many creative graphic artists hate clipping path especially when a voluminous number of images are involved. The stiff competition is brought about by many small to medium-sized companies in developing countries with partners set up in Europe or the USA. The increasing number of competitors brings in more choices for consumers to pick those providers who offer highly affordable and standard quality service.

Having an online business is not as easy as you think, there are things to consider especially when online competition is pretty stiff. In order to beat your competitors, you have to make an extra effort in marketing yourselves online. Most service providers consider SEO (search engine optimization) as a profitable internet marketing strategy for their online business. The underlying principle of search engine optimization is that you must optimize your site to be search engine friendly so that you will predominantly outrank your competition for the word "clipping path" and such. There are many types of SEO strategies but the main goal of Search engine optimization is for your website to offer something relevant and important to both the website user and search engines.

Companies providing clipping path service do all sorts of online marketing strategies from basic to complex just to beat their competitors. Some would resort to a few "underhanded techniques" and blatant black hat SEO which in the long run might damage your site. Others would use "client baiting" strategies wherein a certain business own multiple websites, each stashed with a lot of keywords but offering the same services. The main point of these strategies are to create a catch basin for clients without ruining the copy of your main site all because you are trying to outrank your competition on the SERPs.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Clipping Path- What is it?

Regardless of your profession, you might be in need of photo editing at some point in your life. Perhaps you're thinking why on earth you would ever need photo editing unless you're in business, advertising, graphic designs, or photo-shoots. Yes, indeed these professions demand the recurrent use of photo editing. Yet, if you don't need it professionally, you'll definitely need it if you intend to crop or extract any particular part from your photo or image. And in order to do that, you must know some basics of cutting and cropping in Photoshop. One of the most popular image cropping or cutting ways is Clipping Path.

Although this is not too technical, it requires dedicated practice before providing perfect output. Your hand is the main tool here and your eyes are the guide. The more you practice, the better result you get. Now the question is, do you have all that time to be the master of graphics? Do you have the luxury to spend hours cutting and cropping images, leaving your other important works aside? If your answer is 'NO', then you surely will be looking for expert agencies or freelancers to get the job done for you. Now, let's take a pause here and explore this tool a bit more.